Believe in Better Education Leadership Institute

Believe in Better Education Leadership Institute

The Believe in Better Education Leadership Institute is a program that consists of two fellowship programs, the Policymaker Fellowship and the Candidate Fellowship. The goal of both fellowships is to train, equip and support elected officials and prospective elected officials who seek to make bold changes that improve educational outcomes for all American students.


Both programs feature one cohort per year, of no more than 15 fellows each. Both involve an introduction to great policy minds, challenging and candid discussions with peers, and a deep analysis of the history of public education and the key issues facing today’s children and schools..


As a non-partisan organization, 50CAN Action Fund actively seeks to bring together elected officials across “both aisles.” That means that not every fellow shares exactly the same perspectives. We have that same diversity within our network and it brings out the best in all of us. Just like we benefit from those types of interactions in our network we believe this diversity of thought will help make each leader in our fellowships stronger.


The fellowship content is built to explore the 50CAN Action Fund Believe in Better framework. Fellows will dig deeply into each pillar of this framework, drawing their own conclusions about what those pillars mean for their state or locality. Additionally, the candidate fellows will learn from campaign experts about how to build an effective and winning campaign that prioritizes education.

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Believe in Better
Education Leadership Institute
Advisory Board

Lisa Graham Keegan
Former Arizona State Representative and State Superintendent

Alisha Thomas Searcy
Former Georgia State Representative

Nancy Landry
Former Louisiana State Representative

Will Burns
Former Illinois State Representative and Chicago Alderman

Marcus Brandon
Former North Carolina State Representative