Believe in Better Education Policymaker Fellowship

50CAN Action Fund is proud to bring back the Education Policymakers Fellowship for its second year following a successful first cohort in 2022.


While the post-Covid years have revealed stark inequities in the traditional education system, we have also seen elements of a new, more dynamic, learner-centered future present themselves. This once- in-a-century challenge is also a once-in-a-century opportunity, one where we can renew our commitment to be policy leaders in building a better, more just education system where every child can become the best version of themselves.



50CAN Action Fund seeks to equip current and aspiring education policy leaders with the support they need to lead the way forward in their states as they build the school systems of the future, helping them become champions of transformational education policy initiatives.


We will do this through peer-to-peer connections, introductions to top advocates and experts from around the country, and a deliberate curriculum that walks them from foundational knowledge to cutting edge education innovation.




The cohort will consist of up to 15 fellows and will be chosen from applicants who are willing to commit to the schedule, are aligned with the broad themes of the Believe in Better agenda, and demonstrate a willingness to introduce and lead on game-changing policy in the future.




This is a ten session fellowship that runs from summer through fall. It includes two in-person gatherings with the other eight being held virtually. All travel expenses to the in-person meetings are covered by the fellowship, as allowed by applicable state and local laws. In the second half of the fellowship, elected officials will choose one specific policy area that falls under a pillar of the Believe in Better Framework. Working with their peers, fellowship policy staff support, and other advocacy experts, they will build out a proposed comprehensive policy and create messaging and advocacy strategies for enacting it.


Application window – April 1 – May 31

Applicants chosen – June 5

Sessions Begin – Late June

Sessions End – Late October


  • History of Public Education
  • School Finance
  • The Education That’s Right for You
  • A Clear Path to a Career
  • A Family’s Right to Know What’s Working
  • A World of Open and Connected Learning
  • Tutoring & Care for All
  • Parent, Teacher & Public Voices
  • Education & Effective Communication & Advocacy

“It was an honor to be a founding member of the cohort with Democrat and Republican legislators from across the nation. Our sole purpose is to transform and reinvigorate the education system for children and their teachers. We can and must do better for them and America‘s future.”

~ Mesha Mainor (D), Georgia House of Representatives

“Engaging with other state lawmakers over several months through the program was truly invaluable! Oftentimes, we feel confined in our own state’s process and the ability to not only come up with valuable change, but also a process to make these improvements happen can be a bit overwhelming. There’s frankly no need to reinvent the wheel oftentimes — the opportunity to hear what’s working in other states and putting it into action was a huge takeaway for me!”

~ Kevin Hensley (R) , Delaware House of Representatives


Policymakers Fellowship Application