Believe in Better Candidate Training Fellowship



50CAN Action Fund is committed to the education of future legislators and will again be offering the Believe in Better Candidate Training Fellowship. Our aim is to identify potential candidates who aspire to be champions of education policy and train them to be prepared for the rigors of winning political campaigns. With the intimate size of the fellowship, we will be able to provide a greater level of access to expertise and individualized support. The program will familiarize fellows with the rigors of a campaign and will culminate in the fellows writing their own campaign plans.




The 2024 cohort of up to 15 fellows will be chosen from applicants who are willing to commit to the schedule, have an expressed goal of becoming an elected official in the near future, and are aligned with the general tenets of 50CAN Action Fund’s Believe in Better agenda. They will also need to be a viable candidate who has taken independent steps towards running for office.




This is an eight session fellowship that runs from summer through early fall. It includes one in-person gathering with the other seven being held virtually. In the second half of the fellowship, candidates will start writing their own campaign plans. Working with fellowship staff, elected officials and campaign experts, they will learn to develop a platform and gain an understanding of campaign strategies and tactics.


Application window – June 1 – June 28

Applicants chosen – July 8

Sessions Begin – Mid July

Sessions End – Late October


  • Elected Official 101 (What it means to be an Elected Official)
  • Candidate Preparation – Shaping Your Story
  • Developing a Platform, Polling, Research
  • Campaign Startup
  • Campaign Finance/ Campaign Politics
  • Campaign Roles
  • Campaign Media
  • Campaign Voter Contact


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