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Top 10 Simple Tactics to Impact Elections


Are you part of an advocacy organization or involved with a group of concerned citizens who are trying to make a difference related to a specific cause?


If so, this is your time to shine. It is election season.


A lot of people in advocacy approach elections at an arm’s length. They want to think they can succeed in their cause without engaging in elections. Elections seem messy, controversial and difficult. Of course, all those things are true. Democracy is messy. More often than not, you will find Americans complaining about the negatives of our election process. Unfortunately, we all too often witness the much greater flaws of autocratic systems where diversity and disagreement are punished instead of encouraged. The messy side of democracy may, ironically, be its greatest asset.


That growing the ranks of citizen-advocates will change the trajectory of children’s lives.

Reimagining American K–12 education is more than a just cause, it’s the most important work we can do as a democracy. The only way we can reach the goal of a high-quality education for all children, regardless of address, is by democratizing advocacy itself: casting aside one-size-fits-all, top-down mandates and growing a larger, more diverse, more dynamic leadership corps.


Equipped with nonpartisan research and proven tools, citizen-advocates can drive the creation of stronger, more equitable schools in every state and community—and usher in an era where every child has the opportunity to achieve the American dream.

In the power of evidence-based policy and the power of open advocacy.

All of our campaigns must start with proven theories of change—what we have seen add up to a real difference in students’ lives. That means researching the best policies for kids and learning from the results on the ground in communities across the country. It also means a commitment to open advocacy by making our tools and training methods easily accessible. This openness strengthens accountability, accelerates learning and promotes trust.

That nationwide change depends on a network of local advocates.

Education advocacy campaigns should be led by advocates who are members of the communities that they’re working to improve. We aim to recruit these smart, passionate people from every walk of life because no place or profession has a monopoly on producing them—they can be seasoned advocates or entirely new to the movement.


No one should have to work in isolation: By embracing a sense of community, advocates become part of an inspiring national network of talent and ideas.

That to improve education for all students, we need an unwavering commitment and a clear-eyed approach.

Education advocacy is a marathon, not a sprint: it demands equal parts resilience and accountability. We strive to have the tenacity to stay the course regardless of the obstacles, and the dexterity to incorporate emerging developments. This is a mindset that will ensure that we gain momentum across the nation.


We see every win—and every setback—as an opportunity to learn what’s working today and envision what might be possible tomorrow.


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